Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upload a report?

First, you need to create your personal account. Click on "Login" -> "No account? Register!". You will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration. Once your registration is complete, log in and click on "Create report" in the main menu and you can immediately start compiling your first report.

How much does it cost to use Orniverse?

Orniverse is completely free of use.

What information can/should I provide in a report?

The report creation tool on Orniverse is highly flexible, which means that you can give almost any information you like. To get to know all the options, just try it out. The minimal requirements are a report title and date, the name of the site(s) that you have visited and a species list.

In what language should I write my reports?

You can write your reports in any language. However, section titles and species lists are currently only available in english. In the future, we plan to provide species lists in several languages.

Can I upload my report as a PDF?

No. It is one of the main strengths of Orniverse that it is GIS-based and collects all the data in a well-structured way. This allows us to aggregate, analyse and render the data in many different ways and ensure maximal benefit for the users. To achieve this, uploading a PDF would not be helpful.

Who can see my reports?

It is up to you whether you want to show your reports to the general public or just use Orniverse as your personal archive. All reports can be published and unpublished through your personal control panel. However, we strongly encourage you to publish your reports and share them with others.

Can I edit or delete my reports?

Yes of course. You have full control of all your reports. To manage your reports, log in and go to "My reports".

Can I download a report?

This is currently not possible, but we are working on a tool for downloading reports.

How can I share a report with my friends?

Spread your reports via email, Facebook, Twitter & co. The easiest way to do this is by using the social media buttons on the report page. Moreover, you may give full editing rights to your friends by adding them as a co-author to a report.

How can I contact an author of a report?

You can send a message via the author's profile page. In order to do that, you need to be logged in. Your email address will be automatically transmitted with your message.

I have found a mistake on Orniverse. What should I do?

If you have found a mistake in a report, please contact the report author directly via his profile page. If the mistake is somewhere else on Orniverse, please contact the Orniverse team via our contact form.

What does Orniverse do with my data?

Please read our terms of use.

How is Orniverse funded?

Orniverse is privatly funded. In the future, we plan to generate some advertising revenue to ensure the maintenance of the platform and to constantly push the development of new features.

Who are the people behind Orniverse?

Please see our About page.

How can I support Orniverse?

The best way to support us is by writing reports and sharing them with others and by recommending us to your friends. Moreover, we are very happy to receive inputs that can help us develop Orniverse further.

What happens with data of sensitive species?

It's important to us that data from species that are vulnerable to hunting, capture or disturbance is handled with care. Therefore, sighting details of sensitive species (exact location, comments and number of individuals) are automatically hidden. We closely follow the list of sensitive species that is implemented by eBird (see here). Moreover, users can also hide details of their sightings manually if they upload data of a species or a location that is sensitive in their opinion.

Can I collaborate with others on a report?

Yes you can! If you add you friends as authors to your report, they will receive full editing rights.

Orniverse: Frequently Asked Questions