This is what we have planned for you

Orniverse is work in progress. While some great features are available already, we are constantly working on the next ones. These are some of the ideas that we have for the future:

  • Our main focus will lie on the birding sites. We will develop tools to create detailed site overview pages with maps that include all relevant information like access, trails, best birdwatching points, accommodation, and much more. All users will be invited to collaborate on gathering this information and keeping it up to date.
  • High on our priority list is to implement a download option for trip reports, either as a PDF or as a doc file or both.
  • We have tools in mind that will help you prepare your trips: Find your perfect itinerary, sort out logistics and, last but not least, familiarize yourself with the birds. You will know which birds to expect, how they look like and how they sound.
  • It would be great to have a smartphone application that helps you generating your reports right in the field, that provides both the logistic and the birding information when you need it, and that allows you to record geographic features like trails and contribute them to our communal site maps. Wouldn’t it?
  • Obviously we can implement tools to generate your personal birding statistics and to explore the data that are uploaded to Orniverse in many different ways.
  • We would like to give special visibility to birdwatching sites and destinations that have a focus on sustainability by involving local communities, prioritizing conservation and implementing measures to minimize adverse effects of tourism on local ecosystems.

Do you have other ideas? Are there any features that you would love to see soon? Let us know!

Orniverse: Future Plan