New Zealand - Southern North Island

30 July 2019 – 11 August 2019

Christian Teltscher

Participants: Kim Teltscher Sara Teltscher Zoey Teltscher

The trip was mainly to visit family and friends, but we had four nature outings to look for native birds

Visited Sites

Recommended Literature

The Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Robertson & Heather)

Bushy Park Sanctuary

Native lowland rain forest, protected by a predator-proof fence. Multiple trails allow easy access.

Facilities & accommodation

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Manawatu Estuary

Wetlands of international significance (RAMSAR site). We birded from the platform at Dawick Street (-40.46733, 175.22961) and along the beach (accessed at -40.467475, 175.222525).

Facilities & accommodation

picnic site and toilets

Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre

Also known as Mount Bruce Reserve. 900 hectares of restored native forest and captive breeding facilities. Good trails give easy access.

Facilities & accommodation

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Other wildlife observed

Longfin Eel (Anguilla dieffenbachii)

Zealandia (Karori Wildlife Sanctuary)

225 hectare ecosanctuary (predator-proof fenced-in). Easy access by multiple trails.

Facilities & accommodation

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Species List

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Published: 14 October 2019
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