About Orniverse

Who of us has not looked for information about how to visit a specific birding area or wanted to know which are the most worthwhile birdwatching sites in a region or a country? Such information is often scattered, difficult to find, and out of date.

The goal of Orniverse is to collect all of this information and make it available to the global birdwatching community, and to connect visitors with local birders and bird guides. Orniverse is free of use for everyone. Our focus is on providing a great service to birdwatchers and to support the countless dedicated bird guides around the world.

Apart from this, we are committed to make the data that we collect available for conservation purposes and to do our part to prevent any adverse effects that birding tourism may have on local ecosystems and communities.

To achieve our aims, we make use of the latest developments in web technologies. Orniverse is work in progress. We are constantly improving the existing features and adding new ones.

Orniverse is made by birders for birders. If you have suggestions how to make Orniverse better, let us know!

Concept: Mathias Ritschard

Programming: Jay Sheth, Akash Varlani, Mathias Ritschard

Support: Leonardo Andrade, Juanita Olano Marin, Christian Schreier, Himanshu Upadhyay

Cover photo (Syke's Nightjar): Gaurav Kataria

Big thanks to our beta testers: Pritam Baruah, José Castaño, Andi Ducry, Pietro D'Amelio, Michael Gerber, Stefan Greif, Merlin Hochreutener, Alain Jacot, Adrian Jordi, Gaurav Kataria, David Lindo, David Marques, Julien Mazenauer, Catherine McFadden, Hendrik Reers, Thomas Ritschard, Alexander Rukhaia, Martin Schuck, Manuel Schweizer, Christian Teltscher, Paul Walser, Martin Weggler, André Weiss, Andreas Weiss, Scott Winton

Species lists per country (displayed when creating a report) were provided by BirdLife International and improved by Mathias Ritschard using a variety of sources like Avibase, eBird and trip reports available online.

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