You can either edit the description of a birding site that is in our system already or create a new site. Access existing sites via the following search box or map.

If you need help, watch this video or contact us.

Is your site not in our system yet? Create a new site here.

To create a report, go to our report creation page . To edit a report that you have already created, go to My Reports.

How to create a report on Orniverse

You can list yourself as a guide for individual birding sites. Search for your birding site in the map below or in the search field on top of this page. Click on the map marker to access the site description page. If your birding site does not exist in our system yet, you need to first.

On the site description page, click the button “Add myself as local guide”. Your name will now be listed under “Local guides” and link directly to your profile. In your profile page, all the sites where you offer your guiding services are listed. Don’t forget to add relevant information about yourself in your profile, including your social media accounts if available.

Keep in mind that the more information a site description page contains, the more interesting it is for visitors and the more likely you will be contacted for guiding services. Therefore, we recommend that you contribute relevant information to the site descriptions. Your contribution will be acknowledged on the site description page itself as well as on your profile page. This will give you additional credibility. Sites with a comprehensive description also have the chance to be featured on the front page

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