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Am an avid Birder, Sound recorder,Birds' photographer and Field guide. Throughout the years,i have actively participated in various citizen science projects, contributing my knowledge and skills to bird mapping, nest watch programs, waterbird counts, and engaging bird exploration expeditions. My insights have also found their way into co-authoring semi-scientific papers, further cementing my reputation as a knowledgeable authority in the field. In addition to my roles as a dedicated bird enthusiast, i played a crucial role in establishing the Tanzania Birders Community and the Kilusu Bird Club. These organizations have successfully brought together bird lovers from across Tanzania, fostering a collaborative environment for their participation in large-scale mapping projects. Imparting valuable experience, i introduced the innovative use of the Ebird app within the community, enhancing data collection efficiency and promoting widespread data sharing among members. My passion for avifauna extended to my expertise as a bird sound recordist.My comprehensive collection of over 2300 bird sounds, meticulously cataloged on, is a testament to my dedication and keen ear. Many of these recordings have been utilized in the development of cutting-edge birding applications, such as Birds of Africa, World Bird Sounds, and Birdcall Xeno, enthralling birding enthusiasts worldwide. My contributions further extend to, where i expertly describes and guides individuals through the breathtaking birding sites of Kenya and Tanzania. With nine years of invaluable experience as a field guide under my belt,i have led numerous successful birding tours that showcase the expansive natural landscapes and diverse avian species found across Kenya and Tanzania. My knowledge, passion, and eagerness to share my expertise have made me a sought-after guide among those embarking on immersive birding experiences. In summary,i am a dedicated bird enthusiast, versatile bird sound recordist, knowledgeable field guide and a bird photographer . My unwavering love for avian life and commitment to furthering citizen science have greatly contributed to the understanding and conservation of birds in East Africa and beyond.

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