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I was born and grew up in the northeast of Brazil in a town called Iguatu, in the state of Ceará (Caatinga biome). When was a kid, had an interest for birds and took care it but soon abandoned my hobby and after has started watching it. When was 17 years old moved to Brasilia with my parents, where lived until 27 years old and then moved to the State of Tocantins at 1999 and has lived in Palmas since then. Began his college in 2002 at age 30 and presently I am a Biologist with Masters Degree in Ecology of Ecotone from Federal University of Tocantins (2009 to 2011). I have specialized in ornithology since my college when worked with cytogenetic of birds (Dendrocolaptidae). Two years before of the post-graduation and until today has been devoted to research and conservation of the Brazilian Merganser in Jalapão region. I have also contributed with research of other threatened birds, helping colleague researchers in their studies. Seeking out to enhance his knowledge, in 2011 has began a new phase in my life in which have dedicated to offer birdwatching guide services in the state of Tocantins to lovers and enthusiasts of the Brazilian birds (foreigners* and Brazilians). I have initially defined tours (itineraries) with the focus on rare and endangered birds. (*) Speak English but not very well.

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