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My name is Roberto, I'm from Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, and I left the capital in 2011 and currently live in São Francisco de Paula for 12 years. here we are in one of the last remnants of the (Atlantic Forest Biome) as a teenager I wanted to be a veterinarian but unfortunately at the time it was very expensive to be so after that I did many things, ex-accountant, administrator and finally owner of a guesthouse, Pousada Recanto da Mata, which is a hotspot with more than 200 different species. I became a Bird guide in 2017 guiding friends in my region, and with the increasing demand from foreigners I decided to study English to improve communication. I believe that regardless of language we can communicate perfectly, today I practice citizen science and make lists of my insults on eBird Brasil .

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