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Iztok Škornik was born in 1964 in Koper. Iztok Škornik, a respected ornithologist from Slovenia, has dedicated his career to the study and conservation of birds in his country and beyond. As an expert in bird ecology, he focuses on understanding the complex interactions between birds and their environment, which is crucial for the development of effective conservation strategies. One of Škornik's key contributions to the field is his involvement in bird monitoring programs. These programs collect valuable long-term data on bird populations, which help scientists identify trends and assess the health of ecosystems. This information is essential for guiding conservation efforts, as it allows researchers to identify species in decline and determine the most effective measures to protect them. In addition to monitoring, Škornik works on habitat management initiatives designed to preserve and restore crucial bird habitats. These projects often involve collaboration with local communities, landowners, and other stakeholders to develop sustainable land-use practices that benefit both birds and people. Iztok Škornik is also an advocate for public education on environmental issues. He believes that increased awareness and understanding of the importance of bird conservation can lead to greater support for conservation efforts. To this end, he often engages with the public through lectures, workshops, and other outreach activities. As a member of numerous professional associations, Škornik collaborates with fellow ornithologists and conservationists to share knowledge and develop best practices in the field. His extensive publication record highlights his commitment to advancing the scientific understanding of bird biology, ecology, and conservation. Overall, Iztok Škornik's work as an ornithologist has had a significant impact on the study and protection of bird species in Slovenia and beyond. His research, conservation efforts, and passion for public education have made him a respected and influential figure in the world of ornithology. During his rich career as a naturalist, he devoted himself to the Secovlje Salt Pans for three decades, and continues to do so to this day; he is employed by the Secovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park as a Nature Conservation Supervisor and Assistant for Nature Conservation Monitoring. He is the author of numerous popular and professional works in the field of natural history and nature conservation. He is known as the nature photographer who brought digiscopy to Slovenia. His photographs have been published in numerous national and international publications. They have also been published in National Geographic magazine. In 1984, as a student, he received the Kavcic Award, which has been awarded since 1984 by the Natural History Society of Slovenia (PDS) to encourage young writers to publish their work in the Proteus magazine. He is a two-time recipient of the Golden Legate Award for the best work in the field of ornithology in Slovenia. In 1998, he received it with his co-authors T. Makovec and L. Lipej for the work "Ecological evaluation and protection of important birds of the Secovlje salt pans". For the best work published in 2012, he was awarded the prize for his work "Favnistic and ecological survey of the birds of the Se?ovlje salt pans". In the April issue, Metina Lista included the scientific paper "The sea level rise impact on four seashore breeding birds: the key study of Se?ovlje Salina Nature Park" by D. Ivajnšic, L. Lipe, I. Škornik and M. In September 2017, the members of the Scientific Research Council of the ARRS for Natural Sciences included this scientific contribution in the Excellence in Science 2017 selection.

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