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Jacques Giliomee is a registered bird guide based in Cape Town and operates in the Western Cape. He is experienced and passionate about birds & birding, is also the creator and admin of the Let’s go Birding South Africa Facebook group and is well known for his Bird Identification Illustrations on the group and helping the community and beginner birders to Id their photographed birds. He has built up a wealth of experience and secret birding hotspots over the last few years and has a reputation for “hunting” target birds for his local clients and international twitchers. Jacques would most likely be able to find any bird for a life list in the abovementioned areas. Jacques has trained himself out in the field, to give you the best birding adventure & experience, he will find you what you really want to see, by hearing what you cannot and seeing what you don’t. He is also well connected and likes to collaborate with other bird guides, should you be travelling to any other provinces within South Africa. www.lgbsa.co.za

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