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My name is Diego Emmanuel Oscar, I grew up in the lands of the threatened Pampas Meadowlark into south of Buenos Aires, and since I was a child I've had a close relationship with birds and the natural world in general. I spent my childhood in the rolling grasslands of the southwest Buenos Aires and the talares of the Costero del Sur Park, where part of my family lived. Undoubtedly birds have been part of my life since my childhood. Apart from this, it is my source of work and I do with great enthusiasm. I have traveled all over the country observing birds, but the coast and the pampas are my favourite regions when it comes to spending time in the countryside. Five years ago, Sandpiper Birding & Tours was founded, seeking to form a team of guides that covers the entire country to offer our services to the world and, of course, to bring people closer to the birdlife of Argentina, discovering every corner of the country and not just the birds, but also its gastronomy, small towns and people.

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