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Hi, I'm Sid, Captain Sid. I started working with dolphins and birds in 2008, in the south of Portugal, Sagres. Before that, with a great passion for the Ocean, I graduated in Marine Biology and Fisheries, and traced my academic and professional steps with enthusiasm. I than engaged in a Marine Biodiversity and Conservation international Masters. With a vast experience in sea turtle conservation area, fisheries policy, fisheries observer, sailor, cetacean observation and fluent in 5 languages, finally, and together with other partners, we founded SeaEO Tours company. The project provides alternative programmes where our guests are closer to nature departing from an urban environment. Diversifying the demands on boat tours in Lisbon is also part of our objectives. My sailing experience allied to the marine wildlife interest allowed us to create this unique tour that some consider it a “once in a lifetime” experience in which we will add adventure. During 2,5 hours, venture with us on a 8,5m RIB, with comfortable and safe conditions. As a Marine Biologist, I will take you on a marine safari, in which you will get closer to ocean wildlife with a scientific approach. We collect data and collaborate with environmental authorities as well as oceanographic research groups. A guided tour where you will learn several facts about dolphins and their livelihood near Lisbon. Six dolphin species and two whale species are spotted off Lisbon are seen all year round. Although we have a 96% sighting success rate every year, we cannot guarantee dolphin sightings. If by any chance you are not successful, the crew may invite you for a second tour depending on availabilities. Top 5 Tour highlights - See Lisbon from a different perspective along the Tagus river - An adventure experience on a speedboat towards the Atlantic Ocean - Search for wildlife so close to Lisbon on a memorable boat tour - Encounter small and big dolphin species that occur all year round - Learn the facts and figures about dolphins and whales of our oceans. If you are several people, you might want to consider doing the same tour, but in a private boat for your group, on request. Connecting people with Nature!

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