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With a passion for avian conservation and a deep love for Lebanon's natural beauty, I have dedicated the past seven years of my life to the world of birdwatching and wildlife photography. As the owner and active guide of Lebanon Birdwatching Tours, I have had the privilege of sharing the wonders of Lebanon's diverse avian species and breathtaking landscapes with fellow nature enthusiasts. My commitment to avian preservation goes beyond tours. Over the past four years, I have organized the annual Raptor Count in Lebanon, a vital initiative for tracking and monitoring the region's raptor populations. Additionally, my contributions to Sandgrouse records as a publisher and co-publisher have allowed me to document and share important observations and research on Lebanon's avifauna. I am dedicated to the cause of avian conservation and committed to furthering our understanding of Lebanon's rich biodiversity. I believe in the power of education and advocacy to protect the natural world for future generations. My journey in the world of birds and wildlife is a continuous adventure, one that I am excited to share with others who are equally passionate about the beauty and importance of our natural heritage.

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