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Professional Profile Tour Guide Mastewal Laike (Mas) Email: Phone number: +251901495949 WhatsApp : +251913050039 Facebook: Mas bird man As a fledgling and aspiring ornithologist, I take pleasure in capturing the splash of the moment in a birds transient, yet diligent life, illustrating more than the spectrum of colors it resides in. When I started ten years ago as a tour guide, I was certain that I did not want to just take my guests to Aksum, Simien Mountains, Gonder, Harrar, Southern Ethiopia, Danakil Depression, and my home, Lalibela. I rather desired to hold a mirror against the suave visual imagery these panoramic sites of Ethiopia present to travellers, photographers, researchers, family holidaymakers, diplomats, hikers, pilgrims, stargazers, and bird watchers for them to reflect and converse with its picturesque nature, history and culture. Enthused by the experience of being sought by the celebrated photographer Harry Fisch after his chance encounter with my photographs capturing scenic landscape, birds of Horn of Africa and cultural lives across Ethiopia, I continued to introspect and rediscover the world around me through ever fresh perspectives. This greatly helped me to learn, share and offer a spectrum of narratives to the visitors including the consciousness of my community toward an ecological commitment to a life intimately entwined with the local flora and fauna. Added to this insight is the contrasting, and often unique, perspectives from my various assignments with visitors; at times from my five- and six-year-old guests whose delight at little magic tricks that I entertain them with tells me more than they could have ever said. I have been able to imbue the values and ideals from my guests travel accounts and life stories. The foundation to all my efforts is deeply woven in my personal and familys spiritual journey. It is a sojourn that is firmly and eternally unfull

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