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I am the founder of the Sikkim Birding Tours, a keen naturalist and photographer from Kewzing Village, South Sikkim where I own a bonfarmhouse a birding lodge. I have dedicated my life in search of the beauty of the wildlife in the wild places of northeast India for over 16 years. I have been leading several birding tours around the remote and wild places of North-East India in Sikkim, North Bengal, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Nagaland. Over the last 16 years of working in the field, I know the calls of around seven hundred bird species and have achieved some rare photographs of the Red Panda, White-bellied Heron, Blyth’s Kingfisher, Blyth’s Tragopan, Mishmi Wren Babbler and many more. I have contributed many scientific data for Ornithology like the new range of critically endangered Bugun Liochichla near Bomdila (2011), the Addition of Yunnan Nuthatch to Indian Sub-continent (2014) and published “Birds of Sikkim- a pictorial guide to 100 birds of Sikkim”. I am a graduate in Tourism Management from the Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Govt. of India. I am also associated with All India Birding Tours, founded by Peter Lobo, as a tour leader and have guided numerous tours in the Eastern Himalayas. I am fluent in English, Hindi, and Nepali.

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