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I have lived in Thailand since 1982. Been birding since 1991 and now at 909 species for the country whereof I have photographed 795! I have taken folks out in the field more times than I can remember, ranging from day trips to several weeks for both individuals and groups. More then 100 trips for Spoon-billed Sandpiper alone! I offer personal tutoring for photography, shore birds and birding in general. I enjoy bird sounds and have many recordings uploaded to eBird and Xeno-Canto. Also a daily user of eBird. Beginners or advanced birders are all welcome but not 'stamp collectors'! Ha! I also guide and organize tours to many places in Indonesia i.e. West Papua, Sulawesi, Halmahera, Java, Lesser Sundas. Sabah is another destination as is Bhutan. My tours are not only birding tours but also culinary and conducted in a pleasant mode with as little stress as possible. You can find me on Facebook, Pbase and many a birding site.

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